Another Fantastic String Day!

String Day July 8th 2019

Thirty-nine children from fourteen schools gathered with four B&NES staff and one SPO student at Moorlands Federation for another fabulous String Day!

We started with a body and mind warm up, led by Liz Evans, doing actions to a spy story as we listened to “Mission Impossible”. In our imaginations we scaled buildings, crept along corridors, dodged under laser beams (Matrix style) and typed furiously to retrieve encrypted files. Everyone relaxed and had fun.

The second task of the day, led by Jane Smith, was to learn to play “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious”. The children learnt how to play col legno (with the wood of the bow, tapping on the string), played on and off the beat and everyone got to play the tune.

Then it was time to rest our arms and do some singing. Richard Jackson taught us “Bella Mama” and had us singing in canon, or as a round. We managed to successfully split into three parts, with confident beautiful singing.

Louise Jenkins then introduced and rehearsed “Tyrannosaurus Tango”. This went down very well with its Latin feel and dinosaur theme. The ‘cellos played the introduction with character and the Upper strings sang out the melody. Everyone played the Tango rhythm with energy.

The final activity was led by Sam Warner and it was a creative project. The children were put into groups and each group was given a very expressive photo of a member of staff and some music notes to be used. The children thought of words to describe the expressions, ranging from “relaxed” to “demented”! They worked together, with minimal input from staff, to compose and produce a piece of music. Every single child was involved and there was some excellent leadership from some of the older children.

Cinnamon Swirls (a tradition started last year) were eaten, picnic lunches were enjoyed in the lovely grounds of Moorlands and then everything rehearsed again.

About forty relatives came to listen to the concert at 2.30 and I think it is fair to say that they were well entertained and very impressed with what the children had achieved in one day.

I’m already looking forward to String Day 2020!