Music Tour to Strasbourg

In July, B&NES Music Service took a group of young people on a music tour to Strasbourg and the surrounding areas of Alsace and Bavaria. These endeavours are not taken lightly, incurring an enormous amount of logistical preparation and musical planning on behalf of the staff.

Tours abroad are not just about music either but offer cultural education as well as being a huge amount of fun. For many young people this is the first time they have been away without their family and it is wonderful to see how well they develop as a group and blossom as individuals. There were several highlights on tour and pupils would no doubt vote for Europa Park – immense apparently (?), but equally the concerts were incredible. Audience numbers between 130 and 200 ending in a standing ovation at Hinterzarten and asking us back for next year! This was an incredible achievement when you consider the first time everyone came together was as we left Bath at 4.45am on a Sunday morning, and our first rehearsal was the following morning! It is a credit to staff who go on tours and residentials that the standard of musicality is so high, with youngsters coming back year after year.

On tour the 24 young musicians managed to create 6 different ensembles from full choir and orchestra, brass and wind groups, string quintet and a semi chorus. Many young people found themselves becoming proficient as multi instrumentalists, taking it in their stride, improving their abilities and even learning completely new skills such as percussion!

With luck we will take a group of like-minded enthusiastic young musicians to Europe again next year. And oh yes, they will be accompanied by the hard-working dedicated musicians who strive tirelessly for the music service.