B&NES Beats: Year 1 Music Project

The Music Service has been running an exciting new music project in 15 Infant and primary schools.


The project offers schools an opportunity to work towards a celebratory concert featuring two new songs written by the Music Service. The specially written songs and resources focus on developing an understanding of all types of travel, from walking to hot air balloons and submarines, whilst carefully developing musical skills, primarily in pulse and pitch and instrumental skills in pitched and unpitched percussion.


As well as offering year one pupils the opportunity to develop the foundations of musical development and take part in performances, the project also aims to provide CPD for class teachers, providing them with all the lesson plans and resources needed to repeat the sessions with future year one classes as well as a free training session. Many settings are also keen to continue this music support into year 2 in the next academic year, enabling schools to enrich the musical development of their students from an early age, providing an excellent foundation for furthering their skills in key stage 2 and perhaps taking up an instrument.


A year one teacher whose class are taking part in the project stated this week ‘I wish I had had B&NES Beats earlier in my career. I would have felt much less nervous of teaching music. I understand it now!’. A visiting teacher to Batheaston’s B&NES Beats session was wowed by what the 5 and 6 year olds had achieved in only 8 sessions.


Although this project is a new initiative, the Music Service has increased delivery at key stage one over the past six years. There is now clear evidence to show that young instrumental players develop at a much faster pace as a result of this intervention. Pupils who have benefited from learning foundation skills in music at KS1 before starting to learn an instrument tend to progress more quickly with a greater depth of understanding than those who have not received quality music delivered from a young age.


The Music Service is passionate about developing musical skills at all levels and this project is the start of an expansion in delivery at key stage one. We’re very much looking forward to viewing the concerts in a few weeks time!