String Day Fun!

String Day 2018 started with a lively body and mind warm – up, led by one of our SPO students. After that we learnt and sang a round called “Singing in the Choir” and then went on to learn to both sing and play “One Day Like This” by Elbow. This was followed by learning to play “Classical Bits and Pieces”, which featured excerpts of pieces by many famous composers. The children then did the composing. Inspired by watching a video clip of “No Place Like …” by Kerry Andrew, in groups supervised by teachers or SPO students, the children composed their own pieces, using body percussion, actions, words and vocal sounds.


It was a very sunny, sociable day and we all enjoyed picnicking in the beautiful grounds at Moorlands Federation. We started a new String Day tradition – cinnamon swirls!


At the end of the afternoon relatives and friends came to listen and watch a performance of everything the children had learnt during the day. Everyone agreed that they had achieved an incredible amount and gave beautiful performances of the songs, pieces and compositions.