First Access (Previously Wider Opportunities)

Ukelele players perform at the First Access Celebration, the Pavillion, Bath

This is an exciting initiative which so far encompasses more than 7500 schools nationally. To date over 2 million young children have benefited from this 1st access programme.

Our aspiration is to ensure that all pupils regardless of background have access to this programme and we already have 45 schools engaged in First Access Classes. We are determined to provide more than just an equality of provision, but more importantly an equitable opportunity for all children across the authority.

The  programme provides routes for whole classes of children at KS2 to be taught music through learning a musical instrument.

At present lessons in guitar, ukulele, samba, djembe, voice, woodwind, brass and strings are delivered in schools across the county.

Students are given the opportunity to perform in a number of exciting small and large scale events each year and meet other new musicians in the area.